MCC030 - Native Americans Today

Gap-fill exercise

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Native Americans Today

About 2.5 million Native Americans live in the US today. The biggest are the Cherokee, Chippewa, Navajo and Sioux . About a third of the Indians in the US live  reservations, while the rest have already moved on to cities or larger towns.

Indian  is still preserved in these places.  Here, Indians practice their old   . However, they are worried that these will disappear because more and more Indians are being integrated into .    


Today, Native Americans are better  than they were at the beginning of the 20th century.  They get better education ; many   high school or go to college. Today, Native Americans  work as lawyers, doctors or have other important , like working for government companies.

Some Indians get their money from tourism or handicrafts.  In 1988 the government allowed casinos and other gambling  on reservations.  Other tribes money from taxes on oil or gas that   on their land.

 life has improved , Native Americans still  many problems in today's America.  Unemployment on reservations is about 50% . The income of an Indian family is much lower than that of a white family.  Most Indians are   paid and are unskilled workers.  Suicide rates are also higher than in other places.  Some Indians try to   their problems by drinking alcohol and taking drugs.