MC003-Top Cities - Where Living is Worthwhile

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Choose the correct words to complete the text !

Have you ever walked around a city and thought , "This is paradise"? Or maybe, "This is the ugliest , most polluted, most dangerous and frightening place I have ever seen?

Most of us have. And that's why most of us like to know about a place before we go there. One thing we can do is read a good book. Another is to look at a new conducted by William Mercer, one of the world' largest Human Resources consultancies.

Mercer decided to some of the world's great cities. They produced their results by giving for criteria. These included political, economic and social environment, healthcare, educational provision, recreation and transport .

So, which are the best cities to live in, and which should we ? In first place were Vancouver, Berne, Vienna and Zurich, while Sydney, Geneva, Auckland and Copenhagen came in second. Swiss cities three of the top ten places, making it the single most successful country of all those surveyed.



New York was used as the city with a score of 100, which put it in 50th place. Overall, US cities because of high crime rates. The highest ranked US city was Honolulu with 104 points.

For Londoners, the news was not too bad. London was ahead of New York with 101.5 points. The report named London's good international as a positive point. Its poorest scores - six out of ten - were for its climate and traffic. Bottom of the list was Brazzaville, Congo, where there has been a war for many years.

Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, last night said it was unfair to large international cities with small cities since the smaller ones were far easier to . "You have to look at cities with a of more than five million people, " he said. "On that we're much better than Tokyo or New York."