WF025 - Word Formation

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals!

  1. Despite being a passionate camper, I find the (DARK) in this forest (BEAR).
  2. In order to (BROAD) your shoulders you have to do many push-ups at the gym.
  3. She didn't like the colour of her hair so she decided to (DARK) it.
  4. The suspect was released because of lack of (EVIDENT) against him.
  5. Being unable to meet John , I rang to apologise for the (CONVENIENT) I had caused him.
  6. (FLUENT) in at least two languages is essential if you want to become an (INTERPRET).
  7. The town council placed (RESTRICT) on the water supply due to a (SHORT) of water that year.
  8. There are many (COMPLAIN) about the (ADEQUATE) of facilities for the handicapped.
  9. The government attempted to reduce (VIOLENT) by increasing police patrols.
  10. The (DEEP) of that lake has never been measured.
  11. To calculate the area of the room you have to multiply its (LONG) by its (WIDE).
  12. The doctor advised me to exercise in order to (STRONG) my muscles.
  13. Amanda is (LIKE) to lose any weight, as she has a (WEAK) for sweets and junk food.
  14. Many (FLY) were delayed today, causing growing (PATIENT) among the passengers.
  15. In some countries the percentage of (LITERATE) is still very high.