WF031 - Hawaii and the Night Sky

Gap-fill exercise

Use the words in brackets to form a word that fits into the space next to it.

Hawaii is one of the most (FASCINATE) places in the world to get a clear view of the night sky. This is because of the island's (GEOGRAPHY) setting. Because it is a (MOUNTAIN) area in the middle of the ocean, Hawaii is much less affected by light (POLLUTE) than other parts of the world.

(FORTUNE), tourists are allowed to go to the top of the volcano,known as Mauna Kea, where the view is even more (IMPRESS). The volcano rises to a (HIGH) of over 4000 metres and gives visitors an (INTERRUPT) view of the night sky. It is also the (LOCATE) for the world's most (POWER) telescopes.

The telescopes at WM Keck Observatory have been credited with the (DISCOVER) of about 40 new planets beyond our solar system . By proving the (EXIST) of these planets, (ASTRONOMY) have increased the (PROBABLE) that some day an inhabited world like our own may be found.