WF055 Southwestern Germany and the Black Forest

Gap-fill exercise

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Use the word in capitals at the end of the sentence to form a new word that fits into the blank !


A trip to southwestern Germany


The (FAME) Black Forest and the picturesque town of Baden Baden are in south-western Germany. I went there recently in search of a (PEACE), relaxing holiday and I (CERTAIN) wasn't disappointed.

The town is surrounded by (MARVEL) scenery, clear lakes and tall mountains. The weather during my visit was so cool and (MIST) that it created a wonderfully (MYSTERY) atmosphere.



There are plenty of interesting places to visit including the town's (DELIGHT) 15th century palace and the Roman baths. I also explored the (SHADE) Black Forest where all I could hear was the gentle sound of (FLOW) streams.

The food was excellent. I tried several (TASTE) local dishes. I also bought some cuckoo clocks as souvenirs.

I had the holiday of a lifetime in Baden Baden. With its (FRIEND) people, and (FANTASY) natural (SURROUNDINGS) , I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to go on holiday in the near future.