WF069 Word Formation Sentences

Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the blank!

  1. The land is very dry, which makes difficult (FARM).
  2. If you plan your journey carefully you will have an time in India. (FORGET)
  3. Even though Marty was an excellent shooter, he missed the target. (REPEAT)
  4. There are many companies that are working on new technologies. (INNOVATE)
  5. The book contains a of poems from three decades. (COLLECT)
  6. There are millions of people all over the country. (WEALTH)
  7. brought the Plague to Europe from Asia. (SAIL)
  8. Our teacher has put together some newspaper articles for us to work on. (INTEREST)
  9. Divers went down to a of over 30 metres. (DEEP)
  10. We had deciding who to send to the compaction. (DIFFICULT)
  11. The creature has not been sighted for over a week. (MYSTERY)
  12. The hotel offers a view of the sea. (SPECTACLE)