Listening Comprehension - Shanghai Tower - LC013

Listen to the recording about Shanghai's new skyscraper. Complete the summar with words from the box. There are more words than you will need.

   American      atriums      authorities      balance     Chinese     counterbalance      directions      economic      futuristic      meeting      metallic     political     rented      round      second      square      steel    third     

The world's -largest skyscraper is opening in Shanghai. The 2,000 foot tall tower was built by architects and is an eye-catching addition to the city's skyline.

When climbing up the stairs to the top visitors are confronted with a huge box designed to stabilize the structure and the winds. From the top of Shanghai Tower you can see for miles in all , sometimes even as far as the sea.

In contrast to the form of the new skyscraper , most other buildings of the Chinese city are . The interior provides room for offices and has which are used as places, so that people don't have to leave the building.

The huge skyscraper will not make a lot of money for because space will not be out. For China, however,Shanghai Tower is symbol of the country's rise.