Listening Comprehension - Raising Water Buffalo in Iraq - LC020

Listen to the recording about farmers who raise water buffalo in Iraq. Complete the text by filling in the words from the list. There are more words than you will need.

   buying     drained      flooded      government      marshes     modern     northern      persuading      politicians     prayers      raising      rebels      selling      source      southern      traditional   
Although the most important of income in Iraq is oil there are other, more ways for the population to make a living. One of them is water buffalo.

Buffalo herder Ali al Ghalibi usually gets up at 5. After morning , he milks the buffalo and then sends them to graze in the .

This part of Iraq has been farming area for thousands of years. Saddam Hussein the marshes to find who were hiding there. After the Iraqi war, the area was , and farmers began herding buffalo again.

Ghalibi earns enough money from buffalo to make a decent living. The Iraqi is trying to cut spending by more people to leave government jobs and start farming.