Listening Comprehension - Brazil's Changing Population - LC023

Listen to the recording about Brazil's changing population. Complete the text by filling in the missing words from the box. There are more words than you will need.

   appealing      birth      career      death     demographics      education      fashionable      features      fertility      interfere      involve     modern      old-fashioned     reasons      rural     school     urban      wealthy      workforce   
Brazil's have been changing for the last half century. The country's rate has gone down from 6 children per woman two generations ago to less than two children today. Experts say this is due to the fact that Brazil has become richer and its population more .

Veronica Marques lives, together with her husband, in a district of Rio. She is smart, well-educated, and focused on her . She doesn't want children until later on in her life – two, at most.

There are several for Brazil's demographic changes. Women have become more and care for their own lives. Men don't anymore, especially in cities.

Another reason for the drop in rates is the role of Brazil's popular soap opera, the telenovela. It rich characters and families with only few children. It demonstrates how life can be for ordinary people.

Finally, more and more women are entering Brazil's . Because of higher levels of , they enjoy better jobs with higher pay.