Listening Comprehension - The History of Ice Skating - LC029

Listen to the recording about the history of ice skating. Complete the text by filling in the missing words from the list. There are more words than you will need.

   animal      backward      blades      energy      findings      flat      forward      lakes      northern      origins      power      safety      sharp      skates      southern      sticks      turns   western     
Although the of ice-skating are unclear, the first ice-skater probably came from Finland, over 4,000 years ago. Especially in Finland, there are many and by crossing the ice during the winter instead of going round them people could save time and .

Archaeological show that by 2000 B.C. skates made of bones were popular throughout central and Europe. Most were made from the bones of horses and cows. People stood on them and used long to move , similar to cross country skiing.

For reasons they had to be at the bottom. As a result, it was easy to move in a straight line but making was challenging, because there were no .