AD018 - Adjectives -ED or -ING

Gap-fill exercise



Choose the correct form of the adjective !

  1. I enjoyed the book. It was very .
  2. They were when they heard the news.
  3. I don't get very easily.
  4. The film was .
  5. We were all very when he didn't come home.
  6. Are you of spiders ?
  7. It was that she didn't come to the meeting.
  8. I usually find football very .
  9. We were when we found out that she wouldn't come.
  10. It will be a very experience for my mother.


  1. I don't normally get when I watch horror movies.
  2. I find it quite to talk in front of so many people.
  3. I think reading newspapers is .
  4. I'm in all kinds of sport.
  5. I find walking in the countryside very .
  6. Going new places is always very .
  7. The weather makes me .
  8. I never expected to get the job. I was when it was offered to me.
  9. I didn't find the situation very funny. It wasn't so .
  10. She really learns fast. She has made progress.