AD020-Compound adjectives

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in each space in the following sentences with an appropriate compound adjective formed for a word in the list.

free -  distance -  up -  built -  made -   going -  up  - off -  conditioned  - class -  badly -  sighted -  headed

  1. I made a long- call to England and it cost me a fortune.
  2. I bought this CD duty- as I was coming back to England.
  3. They seem to be very well-  - at least they have a great big house  and two expensive cars.
  4. I’m fed with this exercise. Can’t we do something else?
  5. On the train I travelled second- because it’s cheaper.
  6. You can see this vase is hand- and wasn’t produced in a factory.
  7. He’s a relaxed guy – so easy-.
  8. I live in a built- area of the city which is very noisy and full of traffic.
  9. The office is air- so it’s very cool even in the summer.
  10. He’s so proud – I’ve rarely met anyone so big- . He has a really high opinion of himself.
  11. I want to get my eyes tested. I’ve become really short- lately.
  12. A maintained car won’t have a reliable engine.
  13. There isn’t much grass in the -up areas of the city.