AD025 - Comparatives and Superlatives

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct form of the adjective in brackets .

  1. You look worried . - What's wrong ? - Well my new motorcycle needs (MUCH) petrol than I thought. That means I have (LITTLE) money than I should have.
  2. The tsunami of 2004 was (HORRIBLE) disaster in history.
  3. The computer was (EXPENSIVE) than I had thought.
  4. I am a bit (TALL) than my (OLD) brother, but he is 5 years (OLD) than I am.
  5. I am getting (GOOD) at tennis all the time.
  6. Even though the test is next week I am getting (NERVOUS) by the day.
  7. Of all the new classmates I like Harry (LITTLE). I think he is very arrogant.
  8. Which do you think is (BAD) subject in school ? - Definitely maths.
  9. Judy is (PRETTY) girl in school . She's even (PRETTY) than my sister.
  10. What's (FAR) you have been away from home ?