AD030 - Adjective and Adverb

Gap-fill exercise

Adjective or Adverb. Fill in the correct form !

  1. There is a (BRIGHT) moon tonight.
  2. He was (HIGH) praised for his work.
  3. That is a (PRETTY) good picture.
  4. That doughnut tastes (GREAT).
  5. He (HARD) ever comes to visit us.
  6. We (NEAR) had an accident.
  7. The work he did wasn’t (GOOD) enough
  8. Melanie ate her lunch (QUICK).
  9. Her meeting was (IMPORTANT) and she didn’t want to be (LATE).
  10. The entrance exam he took was (EXTREME) difficult.


  1. I have been very (PATIENT) up to now.
  2. The sky became (SURPRISING) (DARK) as the moon moved  in front of the sun.
  3. Jackie grew (TIRED) after so many hours of work.
  4. She will see you (SHORT)
  5. She would be a (PERFECT) match for my father.
  6. She (OBVIOUS) needed a long vacation.
  7. Jimmy is (GOOD) known for his jokes.
  8. I looked at him (NERVOUS).
  9. The soldiers fought (BRAVE) but it didn’t help.
  10. You are (BAD) hurt. wait until I get a doctor.