AD043 - Adjectives - Comparative and Superlative Forms

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjective in brackets.

  1. My new bike was than I thought. (CHEAP)
  2. We kept complaining about the food but it got . (BAD)
  3. This was task I have ever done in a history lesson. Let's do it again. (INTERESTING)
  4. I don't like science classes any more. They are much than they were last year. (BORING)
  5. Our team is not as as last year. Let's hope next year will be . (STRONG, GOOD)
  6. Jenny is runner in our whole class. (FAST)
  7. He is certainly than his brother. (HANDSOME)
  8. The teacher has time to prepare the tests than she did last term. (LITTLE)
  9. Bill Gates is supposed to be man in the world. However, the Sultan of Brunei is even . (WEALTHY)
  10. Last night we had an dinner at the new restaurant. It is than the last restaurant we've been to and it serves food I've ever experienced. (EXCELLENT, CHEAP, TASTY)
  11. The manager is shop official I have ever met. (FRIENDLY)
  12. Jane is of the four sisters. (OLD)