AD003-Adjective - Adverb

Gap-fill exercise


Choose the correct form: Adjective or Adverb !

  1. Is Joe ill?
  2. It started to rain .
  3. I feel . Have you got an aspirin?
  4. He hasn't shared my opinion .
  5. I took the flowers
  6. Could you please shut the door ?
  7. The infrastructure isn't as as in towns
  8. The soup tastes really .
  9. Steve is a worker. He takes a day off.
  10. What he says is sometimes a nonsense.


  1. English people say that Picadilly Circus is the centre of the world.
  2. Annagret speaks English .
  3. If anything goes the worker gets the blame.
  4. The sun was shining .
  5. In the 17th century the area was colonized by the French.
  6. He had an look on his face when he came in.
  7. Hurry up. Are you always so ?
  8. Don't go up that ladder . It doesn't look .
  9. Do you feel before examinations?
  10. He ever writes to me.