AD004-Advective or Adverb

Gap-fill exercise


Choose the correct form: Adjective or Adverb

  1. I was disappointed that I didn't get the job.
  2. The building was destroyed in the fire.
  3. The restaurant is and the food is .
  4. Ann likes wearing clothes.
  5. I waited in the waiting room.
  6. Why were you so when I you saw me yesterday.
  7. Tom sounded when I talked to him on the phone.
  8. He is a very pianist and he can play the violin too.
  9. The secretary looked at the notes .
  10. , the thief went towards the wall.


  1. The company was affected by the crisis.
  2. Jacob is a thinker.
  3. Jill always speaks about her future.
  4. Where can I get a English meal?
  5. You can get a job in town and you are paid too.
  6. He tried to stay .
  7. He choked because he had a big piece of meat in his throat.
  8. My dad says you are good at everything you do.
  9. , he tried to come down the tree.
  10. He could move.