AD006-Adjective or Adverb

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct form : Adjective or Adverb !

  1. I was  disappointed that I didn't get the job (BITTER).
  2. The building was destroyed in the fire (TOTAL).
  3. It's  and the food is (REASONABLE,CHEAP,EXTREME,GOOD).
  4. Ann likes wearing clothes (COLORFUL).
  5. I waited in the waiting room (NERVOUS).
  6. Tom's French is not very but he speaks Italian (GOOD,EXTREME, GOOD).
  7. Why were you so when I saw you yesterday (UNFRIENDLY).
  8. Tom sounded when I spoke to him on the phone. (AWFUL)
  9. The company was hit by the crisis (HARD).
  10. The fog hung over the town. (HEAVY)


  1. He was lucky. He fell into the river (NEAR).
  2. The policeman tried to stay (CALM).
  3. The girl was injured. (SERIOUS)
  4. Your dress looks , but your jacket is (BEAUTIFUL, HORRIBLE)
  5. She turned her head (SLOW)
  6. Anne looked this morning. Do you know what was wrong ? (UPSET)
  7. He loved her all his live (PASSIONATE)
  8. The train arrived this morning (LATE)
  9. She looked at me , then she slammed the door (ANGRY)
  10. The helicopter did not fly enough. (CLOSE)