AD013-Adjectives and their opposites

Gap-fill exercise

Put the words from the list into the blanks below !

cheerful - creative - daring - dull - energetic - entertaining - hardworking - helpful - lazy - lethargic - miserable - old-fashioned - trendy - unadventurous - unhelpful - unimaginative

  1. Jim is quite and modern , but most of his friends are and conservative.
  2. Shelley is and tells some really funny jokes, but her boyfriend is a bit .
  3. Jake is quite and is always smiling, but Toby can be a bit sometimes.
  4. My youngest son is and makes a big effort at school but my eldest is very .
  5. When the weather is fine I feel really great - and full of life but when it's raining and cold I never want to do anything . I feel terribly .
  6. Mum is very and likes extreme sports such as parachuting, but Dad is really .
  7. My boyfriend is and enjoys writing poetry and painting, but I'm quite .
  8. The first waiter was polite and , but the second one was rude and .