Articles - ART004

Choose the correct article or (---) for no article at all


Have you seen newspaper? I can’t find it anywhere.
In my opinion, education should be free to all.
I got my sister CD and new book for her birthday. I don’t think she liked CD, though.
Is this the first time you have stayed at Hilton?
She started her career as teacher, but now she’s journalist.
Japanese belong to richest people on earth.
Cancer is one of deadliest diseases today.
I’d like my children to have good education.
car is expensive to own but it is a reliable form of transportation.
Is Nile or Amazon longest river in world?
Who invented computer?
Several million visitors year are attracted to ski slopes in Alps.
Hyde Park is largest park in London.
I’ll meet you outside post office. I’ll be there in a quarter of hour.
We lived in Netherlands before moving here, but before that we lived in Middle East.
Harrods is a department store in London.
In some cities cars have been banned from city centre.