ART005 - Definite and Indefinite Articles - A, An and THE

Gap-fill exercise



Choose A, AN , THE or leave blank !

There was waiter standing at entrance of restaurant. I ordered glass of vodka with some juice in it.
There was question I wanted to ask biology teacher about kangaroos.
"Is that your wife ? - No my wife's woman in red dress.
I work with man and two women. man is quite nice but two women are not very friendly.
What's in newspaper this morning?
Water turns to ice at about 0° .
I like steak, but I don't like eggs.
She lives in nice flat on fifth floor of old house somewhere in woods.
There was boy and girl in the room. boy was Japanese but girl looked foreign. She was wearing fur coat.


This morning I bought newspaper and magazine. newspaper is in my bag but I don't know where magazine is.
I normally don't like winters, but winter of 1992 was marvellous.
After I left school I wanted to go to the university.
The robber went to prison for 20 years.
"Have you got car ? - No I have never had car in my life".
We don't go to cinema much these days. In fact I don't like going to movies at all.
You need visa to visit foreign countries, but not all of them.
Jack has got very long legs, so he's fast runner.
Did the police find the person who stole your bike.
Shops in this part of the country are usually open until 9 in the evening.
We went out for a meal last night. the restaurant we went to was excellent.