ART013 - Definite and Indefinite Articles

Choose the correct article or leave blank !

  1. I plan to be candidate for Parliament at next election.
  2. We took trip around London and stopped at Westminster Abbey.
  3. When I left station I had to wait for taxi for a long time.
  4. At moment, the club is steering towards uncertain future.
  5. When we looked out of window we saw the mountains covered with snow.
  6. most of the main roads in country were built long time ago.
  7. If I had time I would like to take up photography.
  8. There is going to be fog and bad weather for most of next week.
  9. Jack doesn't like bread from local bakery.
  10. It's been long time since I met someone like you.
  11. Inflation has increased for third time in row.
  12. Have you got latest album by Rolling Stones?
  13. We spent a wonderful evening having drinks at one of best pubs in neighbourhood.
  14. Danube River flows right through centre of city.