ART001-Definite and Indefinite Articles

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct article or leave blank (---) when no article is needed.

  1. moon goes round Earth every 27 days.
  2. Soviet Union was first country to send a man into space.
  3. Did you see the film on television or at the cinema ?
  4. I'm not very hungry, I had big breakfast.
  5. I never listen to radio. In fact, I haven't got radio.
  6. What is highest  mountain in  world ?
  7. It was a long voyage. We were at sea for four weeks.
  8. Look at  apples on that tree. They're very large.
  9. women are often better teachers than  men.


  1. In Britain coffee is more expensive than  tea.
  2. We had a very nice meal.  cheese was especially good.
  3. most people believe that  marriage and  family life are the basis of society.
  4. They got married but marriage wasn't very successful.
  5. I know someone who wrote a book about  life of Ghandi.
  6. life would be very difficult without  electricity.