ART002-Definite and Indefinite Articles

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct article or leave blank (---) when no article is needed.

  1. Second World war ended in 1945.
  2. Do you know  people who live next door.
  3. Are you interested in  art or  architecture.
  4. Don't stay in that hotel.  beds are very uncomfortable.
  5. I hate  violence.
  6. Two of the biggest problems facing our society are  crime and  unemployment.
  7. Ken's brother is in  prison for robbery.
  8. What time do your children finish  school.
  9. The other day the fire brigade had to go to  prison to put out the fire.
  10. On way to London we passed through a small village with old church. We stopped to visit  church. It was a beautiful building.


  1. John himself doesn't go to  church.
  2. After  work Ann usually goes home.
  3. When Ann was ill, we went to  hospital to visit her.
  4. The British Prime Minister lives in  Downing Street 10.
  5. Tate Gallery is the main modern art museum in London.
  6. Have you ever visited  Tower of London ?
  7. Do you know time ? Yes,  clock in  the hall has just struck nine.
  8. I am on  night duty . When you go to  bed, I go to  work.