ART003-Definite and Indefinite Article

Gap-fill exercise


Choose the correct option : A, AN, THE or -- (for no article) .

  1. Although accommodation in Paris is quite expensive I found cheap hotel in the city centre.
  2. Good Fast Food Competition aims to prove that fast food doesn't need to be made with unhealthy ingredients.
  3. Do you know any shops that sell clothes for teenagers? - "Yes, There's a place called young style on other side of town.
  4. People say Costume Museum is quite boring, but I've got friend who went there and says it's brilliant.
  5. I went to the fashion show in town centre yesterday. models were really good-looking but clothes were a bit boring.
  6. When my son starts school, he'll have lunch every day in canteen. I hope he likes food.
  7. tracksuit he bought yesterday was the wrong size.
  8. He had to go to hospital for a check-up.
  9. Is there cheap hotel near here?
  10. He left home without informing anyone.


  1. Do you need degree in economics to be a better manager?
  2. When we arrived she went straight to kitchen to prepare meal for us.,
  3. Mt. Everest is highest mountain in world.
  4. He is American citizen.
  5. attempt has been made to collect funds to start public library in town where I live.
  6. Shah of Iran had to leave the country in 1979.
  7. Life can be very hard for poor.
  8. Anyone who has information should contact local police.
  9. Athletics has been Olympic sport for many decades.
  10. president of United States is a busy man.