COLL004 - Prepositional Phrases

Complete the sentences using the correct prepositional phrases.

  1. I am writing to you the ad you posted in last week's edition.
  2. Last month's temperatures were for this part of the country.
  3. She wants to make you jealous . That's why she's wearing such clothes in order to appear attractive to other men.
  4. Purchases in this shop must be made . No credit cards are allowed.
  5. It was a wonderful weekend the bad weather.
  6. Water is brought to the fields electric pumps.
  7. I can't help you with this problem. You're .
  8. Please don't punish me. I must have switched on the light .
  9. The tour guide I bought was . It was published in 2010.
  10. He started his business career 22, after he had finished college.
  11. You must break the glass there's a fire.
  12. She was, , his first girl-friend. He hadn't had a relationship before.
  13. The hall was empty some old newspapers on the table.
  14. All trains will be arriving , despite the traffic problems in the city.