COLL005 Idioms and Collocations

Complete the sentences with the correct idiom.

  1. It's probably , but you should look examine his financial transactions and see if you can find anything there.
  2. He has been been to all the home games this season. He's a Liverpool fan .
  3. I didn't want in front of all the members of the board, so I didn't tell them about the new developments.
  4. Mrs Flannigan doesn't live here any more. She two years ago and her son sold the apartment.
  5. The teacher picked six students and told them to hand in their assignments.
  6. I hurried and ran as fast as I could . I managed to jump on the train .
  7. Do you want the book? - Then it's yours .
  8. I don't need your decision today. and tell me next week.
  9. She always promises to do things , but she never and finds an excuse to do something else.
  10. With what both of us earn we can barely .
  11. Did you here about the divorce ? - Of course, take a look at the media. The press with it.
  12. I've told you all the details. is that we are in deep trouble.