COLL007 - Idioms and Collocations

Complete the sentences with the correct idiom.

  1. I'm sorry, we don't have the dress in your size. It's .
  2. I can't see her anywhere. She's vanished .
  3. My name is Nicholas, but everybody calls me Nick .
  4. I'll promise not to disturb you. I'll be .
  5. An area of war and conflict in the world is called a .
  6. I could ask the boss for a pay rise. But, ? I'll be gone in a few months anyway.
  7. The new manager hasn't won a game in three months. The board will fire him eventually. It's just a .
  8. You told me I shouldn't take the job and I didn't listen. You were .
  9. Janet was very interested in any new developments so I promised I would .
  10. You'll have to ask Jim about the problem. He's the one who .
  11. It took half an hour for the participants to . Then there was a lively discussion.
  12. You know that the students are smoking in the back yard. As a teacher, you simply can't to that.