COLL008 - Idioms and Collocations

Complete the sentences with the correct idiom.

  1. Harry has been smiling all day long in the office. He must be .
  2. When she travels abroad she never visits typical tourist destinations. She likes to go .
  3. You should with Jimmy. He seem's to be having trouble in school at the moment.
  4. Herbert has been unemployed for almost year. His wife is the one who .
  5. Don't waste so much time talking about unimportant things. so that we can finish and go home.
  6. He has a lot of flaws and makes a few mistakes, but , he's still the best choice.
  7. Dorothy refuses to the headmaster. She wants to be the one making all the necessary decisions.
  8. My sister's so fast at eating. She can eat a piece of cake .
  9. It was raining heavily the whole day, so when I picked him up he was .
  10. You should listen to the doctor's advice and for a few days.
  11. I lost my way and turned left at the crossing . Then I hit a .
  12. You can't . Either you decide to come with us or do something else.