COLL009 - Idioms and Collocations

Complete the sentences with the correct idiom.

  1. the virus will go away, but it will still be with us for some time.
  2. The politician's email is short and . He just tells us he won't be a candidate for the next election.
  3. I'm sorry I didn't return your book. It must have .
  4. I'm afraid I don't know very much about that kind of software, so what you're telling me is .
  5. I that I would look into the matter.
  6. She asked the manager if she of getting the job.
  7. It's late and we've been working for three hours. Let's and go home.
  8. The outline you compiled doesn't help us. We'll have to .
  9. I told the journalist that what I was telling her was strictly .
  10. Nobody has heard about the new health plans. The government is for the time being.
  11. We have been struggling with our firm for the past two years. There have been a lot of extra costs, but we're expecting to soon.
  12. Can you help me ? - I'll and see what I can do for you.