CM007 - Confusing Words

Confusing words : Choose the correct answer.

  1. It doesn't if you can't come with us.
  2. My dad told me to see the doctor and get his on what I should do.
  3. Could you me to the station. My train is leaving soon.
  4. There was a small lamp the bed.
  5. I can't decide I should go to the meeting or not.
  6. I have a bit of money I inherited from my grandparents
  7. I always my bike to school.
  8. The driver crashed into the tree because his weren't working.
  9. You can prepare the main course and I'll make .
  10. The car was going 80 miles an hour.
  11. I don't have any internet in this area.
  12. The party off well, but then it quickly got boring.
  13. are many poor people in the country who don't get financial help from the government.
  14. The horse broke and ran away.
  15. Do you to join us for dinner ?