CM008 - Confusing Words

Confusing words : Choose the correct answer.

  1. workers have been on strike for the better part of the month.
  2. He never his camera to anyone but me.
  3. The toys were hidden the mattress
  4. If you have kept your you can go to the store and exchange your dress.
  5. I don't him to change his mind. He's so stubborn.
  6. It's not for you to go outside during a thunderstorm
  7. On Sundays I stay in bed and just the radio.
  8. The country has been in a very bad situation for over a decade.
  9. Punishing him will have no on his future behaviour.
  10. The has told the residents of the town to stay at home.
  11. It was four when he finally arrived with the groceries.
  12. There are a few missing.
  13. She ate the pizza and left nothing for the others.
  14. I am not going to my hair because it makes me look younger.
  15. We sold more newspapers we did last year.