CM010 - Common Mistakes

Fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase.

  1. She has to several pills every day.
  2. Some of the material you throw away is not for recycling.
  3. The problems as a result of air pollution.
  4. Before breakfast, I usually my bed.
  5. Many women stay at home and the children.
  6. The house has a very heating system.
  7. Those who don't follow the rules will be reported to the
  8. Most teachers in our school are kind and .
  9. There are many car scattered all across the state.
  10. The number of hours spent on social media has risen in the past five years.
  11. The heavy weekend traffic him from driving too fast on the motorway.
  12. There are drugs that have no on the virus.
  13. Airline pilots have to during their whole flight.