CM011 - Common Mistakes

Fill in the blanks with the missing word or phrase !

  1. She received for the best actress.
  2. If you want to be student you should attend every class.
  3. He likes fast cars and expensive .
  4. She was so cute I couldn't falling in love with her.
  5. It was the biggest show earth.
  6. I would like to my Spanish. It's not very good.
  7. he was surprised that his friend wasn't waiting for him.
  8. The problems that we are facing in our region are .
  9. They have a good for not going to church every Sunday.
  10. He didn't start until he was 25.
  11. The students are always complaining their history teacher.
  12. My dad is that he might lose his job.
  13. It started to rain, so we decided to stay .
  14. The new house has an swimming pool.