CM013 - Common Mistakes

Fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase !

  1. He that I hadn't waited for him.
  2. It was raining and we all got wet.
  3. that wealthy people are better off in life.
  4. when crossing a busy street.
  5. My sister was involved in a traffic accident.
  6. I some clothes and promised to give them back next week.
  7. The documentary was about British citizens.
  8. When I was driving to the north the got worse.
  9. Whenever I go hiking I my camera with me.
  10. I couldn't help when I heard what he had done.
  11. I had a shower and began to .
  12. The young boy had to all the lessons he missed because of his illness.
  13. The government an agreement with the European Union.
  14. I a small house in the countryside.