CM015 - Common Mistakes

Fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase !

  1. Dinner is the main of the day.
  2. In my home town everyone goes on Sundays.
  3. In my country you are allowed to vote the age of 16.
  4. We reached our shortly before midnight.
  5. He doesn't have enough to grow food.
  6. When I came to the new school I was very at first.
  7. The teacher gave the class homework.
  8. My job as a teacher was quite .
  9. The purpose of this ceremony is to honour the .
  10. In the course of time, tropical loses a lot of its basic nutrients.
  11. The Europeans plan to reduce the size of their .
  12. It's a serious problem for politicians .
  13. For the course, we were divided groups of eight.
  14. Each country has its own and ideology.