CON003 - Linking words - Environmental problems

Gap-fill exercise

Link the ideas and expressions with the correct linking words!

  1. save water, you should take a shower a bath.
  2. building new highways for cars and trucks, the government should spend more on public transport.
  3. We don't take global warming seriously enough, rising ocean levels and floods.
  4. Where homes near the sea have been destroyed a flood , the owner's shouldn't be allowed to rebuild it in the same place.
  5. More money should be spent on alternative energy we don't need to burn so much coal and oil.
  6. Private cars should be banned from cities because people are developing serious health problems air pollution from automobiles.
  7. it would cost me more to drive my car , I would be happy if they raised gasoline taxes in order to cut down on gas consumption.
  8. environmental problems are overwhelming , there is still hope.
  9. Some people water their lawns daily drought warnings.
  10. Climates are changing global warming.
  11. Recycle garbage it doesn't end up in a landfill.
  12. I buy rechargeable batteries the higher costs.