CON004- Linking Words

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct linking words !

  1. He went to work being ill.
  2. Jake couldn't sleep he was very tired.
  3. Brian is good at maths his sister is good at science.
  4. She talks she knows everything.
  5. It was very late. the guests didn't leave.
  6. Lisa went shopping she didn't buy anything.
  7. They managed to make a meal there wasn't much food in the fridge.
  8. he fell asleep the phone rang.
  9. You can keep those CDs you like.
  10. I'll write to you I have the results.
  11. They bought him a gift it was his birthday.
  12. the heavy snow we managed to get back to the office.
  13. The man fell off the ladder. , he wasn't hurt.
  14. I took some paper and a pen I could make some notes