CON005-Linking Words

Gap-fill exercise

Connectives - Choose the correct phrase !

  1. The train was delayed bad weather.
  2. The event was cancelled the fact that not many tickets were sold.
  3. I felt stressed I'd been overworked recently.
  4. John went to the acupuncturist his bad back.
  5. Sonia had a bad stomachache and I recommended seeing the doctor.
  6. the teacher's good reputation the yoga classes were always crowded.
  7. the fact that homeopathy can be very effective for some illnesses it has become increasingly popular.
  8. It's amazing I can walk an hour ago I couldn't move.
  9. My headache has disappeared because of the massage.
  10. The company was doing badly and it closed.
  11. it is your money, you can do what you like with it.
  12. My mother wanted to keep her brain active, she took up a hobby.