CON016 - Connectives : IN ORDER TO - SO THAT - IN CASE

Complete the sentences using the following connectives and linking phrases.


  1. My sister gave up smoking save some money.
  2. We'll give you a few more days just you change your mind.
  3. The teachers let the students use pocket calculators they can finish in time.
  4. He tried to hide the broken glass Mom wouldn't punish him.
  5. Dad saved money buy his children Christmas presents.
  6. We put up a high fence stop the neighbour's cat from coming into our yard.
  7. This is my mobile number you have to call me.
  8. I closed the door in my room be able to work properly.
  9. I'll gave you a map you'll be able to find yourself around.
  10. The key is in the drawer you need it.