ED001-The Rudest Woman on TV

Find the word too many

Some of the lines have a word too many. Write it down in the space at the right. If the line is correct write OK.
The readers of a British TV guide have been voted Anne Robinson
the Rudest Woman on TV. She has won the title because of the
unkind way she speaks to contestants in the general knowledge
quiz show, The Weakest Link. Most of the people wouldn't want
this honour but Mrs Robinson is being proud of it because it makes
her different from the friendly presenters on other game shows.
But the game is simple: a group of contestants answer general
questions and get money if they answer themselves correctly.
During the game, the contestants can vote off other players. As
each other person the TV studio, Anne Robinson says her famous
catch phrase, "You are the weakest link, goodbye". At the end
there is only about one person left and he or she gets all the
More than six million viewers watch to the programme every
week. Because some of them are interested in the game but
a lot of them watch because they enjoy seeing the presenter
insult the contestants.