ED002 - The Kyoto Protocol - Editing Exercise



Read the text below and look carefully at each line. In most lines there is one word too many, a word which does not fit grammatically. Write the unwanted word into the box on the left side of the line. If the line is correct, write OK.

This week in Kyoto in Japan the latest conference
on the environment is being taking place. The whole
world is today watching to see what happens
as delegates from more than 165 countries discuss
what measures need not to be taken to reduce the
fumes that do create the greenhouse effect. They
are hope to agree on ways of reducing the amount
of carbon dioxide and other gases that we
send into the atmosphere. These gases to act the way a
greenhouse does and, as a result, the Earth is
be getting hotter and hotter all the time. The
temperature it is rising gradually and
in 100 years' time the Earth will be hotter by about 4° C.
The problem is be getting worse as more cars
are make an appearance on our already crowded roads.
The solution in Kyoto depends on what the United States,
the most powerful nation on Earth, feels is in its interests.