ED004 - A holiday gone wrong - Editing exercise

Gap-fill exercise

Read the text below about a holiday that has gone wrong. Some of the lines are correct, some have a word which should not be there. If the line is correct, write OK . Otherwise write the word which shouldn't be there into the blank.

Last summer my friend and I were looking forward to a two-
week holiday. We had been chosen our destination carefully
after looking through travel brochures for a some time.
Eventually, we decided on a modern, luxurious hotel near at
a long, sandy beach. From the brochure it has looked like
a hotel for the rich and famous.
The journey went over smoothly, but as soon as we arrived
I saw that something was being wrong. The entrance looked
dark and old-fashioned and there were hardly any other
guests to be seen. Then we just decided to go to the beach
to relax. After a lengthy walk we finally came to a horrible
stone beach. There was nobody there - even only an old man
sitting on a rock.
After getting back to the hotel, we prepared for the dinner.
However, the food tasted awful, while the waiter was unfriendly,
so we did hardly ate anything.
For two weeks we could not think of nothing but going home.
Well, we're back home now and are still waiting for such an
apology from the travel agency. We haven't only decided if
we will ever travel abroad again, but I can say one
thing for certain : we won't ever go to that single place again.