ED014 - Video Games - One Word Too Many

Read the text about how video games affect the lives of young people.  Some lines are correct; some have a word, which should not be there.  Write this word in the box next to the line. If the line is correct, write OK into the box. You have two examples at the beginning.

Video Games

1 For many youngsters, video games are a very popular OK
2 way of spending time, either alone or each together each
3 with friends. While there are some other advantages
4 when playing such games , if there are downsides too.
5 Video games can teach young people important
6 skills. They only put players into situations in which
7 they must not make the right decisions and try to find
8 solutions to difficult problems. Some games have had
9 a great educational value and can be teach science,
10 history or geography in an entertaining way.
11 However, when spending too much time playing
12 video games can affect on your health and well-being. 
13 Youngsters should not only sit at home in the front
14 of a TV set or computer screen, but also go them 
15 outdoors and get as much as exercise as possible.
16 They must spend time going out and communicating
17 with most real-life friends.
18 Video games are being a great form of entertainment
19 and an interesting way to explore the nature world, but
20 it is just as important to engage in other activities too.