GV003-MAKE or DO

Gap-fill exercise

Decide whether to use MAKE or DO in the phrases below !

a decision

an arrangement

somebody a favour

a mess

an excuse


a suggestion


your best

the housework

the shopping


Complete the sentences with an expression from the list above. Use the right tense !

  1. Can you ? Will you give me a lift into town ?
  2. Little Johnny has been painting at the kitchen table. I'm afraid he's . There's paint everywhere.
  3. It doesn't matter if you don't pass the test. Just !
  4. We can't go on discussing this problem all day. We need to now and stick to it.
  5. My brother is a scientist. He's currently into the causes of global warming.
  6. I've been learning Chinese for three years but I much . It's such a difficult language !
  7. Chris . He said we could all go out tonight.
  8. The party was really boring so I and left. I said that I had to finish some homework.