GV005 - Tricky Words - Vocabulary

Gap-fill exercise


Choose the correct words!

  1. Please my offer and call me if you decide to sell !
  2. I have been of taking a holiday. I think I deserve it because I've been working hard all year.
  3. The death penalty is as a barbaric act by most people.
  4. I don't think he really what he is saying, because he's usually joking.
  5. I didn't to offend you. Please believe me.
  6. That's the journalist that the evening news. Don't you her ?
  7. The teacher didn't that the students hadn't understood what he was saying.
  8. Aren't you going to me to your friend? I haven't met her before.
  9. I your help, but you must that I want to do this on my own.


  1. Since I hadn't studied for the test I had to all the answers
  2. We were to play football yesterday but we cancelled it.
  3. It's almost impossible to what the future holds.
  4. We had the price for the house to be around 6,000 dollars, but we hadn't the price for renovation.
  5. She's very rude and has no for anyone.
  6. You should consider all of his proposal, because he has made some interesting .
  7. In my , the education system should change.
  8. I can't bear the of going back to work after such a long holiday.
  9. There's no in talking to him about this matter, he has no about it.
  10. As a of fact , I hired an interior decorator who gave me some good .