GV006 - Expressions with GET

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences using an expression from the box with GET

get (2x) - get up - get to - get on - get off - get into (2x) - get out of - get dressed - get ready - get home

  1. I usually at 7 , but on Sunday I stay in bed all morning.
  2. Jonathon wants to a good university.
  3. I always have a snack when I from school.
  4. This is our station . Quick ! We must .
  5. Hurry up and for school. Have you got all your books ?
  6. Every summer John and his friends a job at the park.
  7. We must go. Go outside and the car.
  8. Mr and Mrs Johnson leave the house at eight and they work at half past eight.
  9. "How can they escape?" -They can the window.
  10. I sometimes the bus in the town centre, but when I've got enough time I walk.
  11. They have a shower in the morning before they .
  12. into the train and find some seats! It's leaving ina minute.