GV014 - Expressions with TIME

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences using the words and phrases from the box.

on time - in time - took so long - take my time - the right time - spend time - save time - lose track of time - time consuming

  1. When I surf the net I often . Before I know it a few hours have gone by.
  2. I try to make my lunch the night before in order to .
  3. At the weekend I try to with my family.
  4. I find writing notes by hand very .
  5. We booked a taxi but it to arrive so that we were late for the party.
  6. Excuse me, do you have ? I have an appointment at five and I really want to get there .
  7. I ran for the bus but I didn't get there .
  8. I got up very early so that I could getting ready.