GV015 - Travelling to Space

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the text below using the words and phrases from the box. There are TWO words you will not need.

atmosphere - commercial - experience - explorers - facility - flight - gravity - launch - navigation - space - surface - weightlessness

If you have ever dreamed of travelling in space then our space travel programme will make that dream come true. However, passengers will have to prepare for this Unlike the months of training that astronauts undergo, our passengers will be ready for within two days. To prepare for this extraordinary experience , space travellers will spend two days in our special training . There they will be able to experience zero in a special simulator. This will allow the passengers to get used to . During the itself a rocket will propel the spacecraft into space, about 100 km above the Earth's . Our space will be able to float around in the cabin and view Earth from for about ten minutes before they come back again.