GV016 - General Vocabulary

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct word for the blanks in the sentences !

  1. People who are colour blind often can't between red and green.
  2. I hope the lecturer wasn't referring my assignment when he made that remark.
  3. Languages over time so dictionaries always need to be updated.
  4. My teacher said my essay was . She couldn't follow my arguments.
  5. It's important to teach children not to lies.
  6. These figures a peak ten years ago, when over 5 million new machines were sold.
  7. Air is cheaper than many other forms of travel.
  8. A large number of houses were by the storm.
  9. Many people believe that computer games can have a harmful on our children.
  10. My first task was to arrange the files in order, from the oldest to the newest.


  1. The train whistle warned us of its departure.
  2. The majority of cave art dates back to prehistoric .
  3. Computer viruses are a modern- problem.
  4. It can take time for people to get used to the system.
  5. We must try to protect animals , otherwise when a species disappears the whole ecosystem is affected.
  6. Zoos should try to re-create the animals' habitat rather than keep them in cages.
  7. I think we should spend more money taking care of our own .
  8. Many people think spending money on space is a waste.
  9. We will probably never find another planet that can life.
  10. I imagine astronauts spend a lot of time thinking about life Earth.